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Greybody factors and quasinormal modes under scalar perturbations in two concrete exactly solvable models

Seminars 2018
Grigorios Panotopoulos (CENTRA, IST-Lisbon)
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Anf. Física
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Greybody factors are frequency dependent quantities that measure the deviation from the perfect black body spectrum of Hawking radiation, and they provide us with valuable information about the near horizon structure of black holes. In
addition, when black holes are perturbed the geometry of spacetime undergoes dumbed oscillations.

RISE coordinator's day 2018

A team from Aveiro University composed by Tatiana Costa (Aveiro Research Support Office), Nikolai Sobolev and Carlos Herdeiro (both RISE projects coordinator from the Aveiro Physics Department) was present in the RISE coordinator's day at the head of REA (Research Executive Agency) in Brussels, in 18-19 January 2018. The photo shows the RISE coordinators of the Math/Physics panel with REA staff, including Project Officer Amanda Jane Ozin-Hofsaess and the Head of Unit Fredrik Olsson Hector.

Ema Valente is now a Master

Ema Valente successfully finished her Physics M.Sc. at Aveiro University, on December 20th 2017, by defending a thesis with title "A simple model of exotic compact objects: interaction with a scalar field". This thesis was supervised by Gr@v researcher C. Herdeiro and examined by Prof. Luis Crispino, from the U. Federal do Pará, Brazil. Well done Ema!

Scientists discuss black holes in Aveiro

The X Black Holes workshop took place at Aveiro University on 18-19 December 2017. It gathered almost 100 scientists discussing black holes from many different perspectives. Besides 63 oral communications, the workshop also included the fourth General Assembley of the Portuguese Relativity and Gravitation Society (SPRG) and a special session celebrating the 60th anniversary of Prof. J. S. Lemos.