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Cosmology from galaxy phase-space information and a bit of halo-galaxy connection

Natali de Santi (Flatiron Institute and University of Sao Paulo)
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In this talk, I will give an overview of how to do field-level likelihood-free inference with galaxy catalogs.
More specifically, only using phase-space information, I will show how to convert galaxy catalogs into graphs.
I will explain how to use graph neural networks, associated with moment neural networks, to constrain Omega matter.

Celebration group lunch

Celebrating the recent "UA Investigador" prize and the group's many (great) guests on Mar 7th 2023. Thank you to Prof. Carolina Benone (U. F. do Pará, Brazil) for the visit and welcome to Prof. Maurício Richartz (U. F. ABC, Brazil), who is joining us for a month. And we also got the short visit of Francisco Duque, from IST-Lisbon, who presented the group seminar on Mar 8th.