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The first meeting of the Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics Network will take place at Aveiro University, from 9-13 July 2012. This meeting will bring together researchers from Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the USA, to discuss the state of the art in relativistic gravity and its application in various contexts, ranging from astrophysics to particle physics, using both anaytical and numerical techniques. See the meeting movie!

Researchers that do not participate in the network but interested in attending the meeting are invited to contact the local organisers.



Carolina Benone (U. Federal Pará)
Rafael Bernar (U. Federal Pará)
Emanuele Berti (Mississippi U.)
Vítor Cardoso (IST - Lisbon)
Flávio Coelho (Aveiro U.)
Luís Carlos Crispino (U. Federal Pará)
Jai Grover (Aveiro U.)
Leonardo Gualtieri (Universitá di Roma)
Carlos Herdeiro (Aveiro U.)
Michael Horbatsch (McMaster and Mississippi U.)
Luiz Carlos Leite (U. Federal Pará)
Caio Macedo (U. Federal Pará)
Ednilton Oliveira (U. Federal Pará)
Leandro Oliveira (U. Federal Pará)
Paolo Pani (IST - Lisbon)
Carmen Rebelo (Aveiro U.)
Jorge Rocha (IST - Lisbon)
Jorge C. Rodríguez (U. Federal Pará)
João Rosa (Edimburgh U. and Aveiro U.)
Marco Sampaio (Aveiro U.)
Lucas Soares (Aveiro U.)
Carlos Sopuerta (Barcelona, CSIC-IEEC)
João Sousa (Aveiro U.)
Ulrich Sperhake (Barcelona, CSIC-IEEC)
Mengjie Wang (Aveiro U.)
Helvi Witek (IST - Lisbon)
Miguel Zilhão (Aveiro U.)



Monday, 9 July
9H20-9H30 - Meeting Opening
9H30-10H30 - Pani
10H30-11H00 - Coffee Break
11H00-12H00 - Witek
12H00-12H30 - Rocha
12H30-14H30 - Lunch
14H30 - Discussion Session; Chairman: Cardoso

Tuesday, 10 July
9H30-10H30 - Horbatsch
10H30-11H00 - Coffee Break
11H00-11H30 - Sopuerta
11H30 - 12H00 - Coelho
12H00-14H30 - Lunch
14H30 - Discussion Session: Chairman: Berti

Wednesday, 11 July
9H30-10H30 - Crispino
10H30-11H00 - Coffee Break
11H00-11H30 - L. Oliveira
11H30-12H00 - E. Oliveira
12H00-12H30 - Macedo
12H30 - Lunch
15H00 - Lagoon trip in traditional boat
20H00 - Meeting Dinner

Thursday, 12 July
9H30-10H30 - Sampaio
10H30-11H00 - Coffee Break
11H00-11H30 - Sperhake
11H30-12H00 - Zilhão
12H00-14H30 - Lunch
14H30 -  Discussion Session: Chairman: Gualtieri

Friday, 13 July
9H30-10H00 - Rodriguez
10H00-10H30 - Wang
10H30-11H00 - Rosa
11H00 - Meeting Closing



- Flávio Coelho: "n-DBI gravity" (25+5)
- Luís Carlos Crispino:  "Applications of Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes, Accelerated Frames, and Analogues" (55+5)
- Michael Horbatsch: "Jacobson's "miraculous hair growth" formula and dipole radiation in scalar-tensor theories" (55+5)
- Caio Macedo: "Semi-Classical Analysis of the Scalar Geodesic Synchrotron Radiation in Kerr Spacetime" (25+5)
- Ednilton Oliveira: "Aharonov-Bohm effect in a draining bathtub vortex" (25+5)
- Leandro Oliveira: "Resonances of Acoustic Holes" (25+5)
- Paolo Pani: "Recent developments on spinning black holes and superradiance" (55+5)
- Jorge Rocha: "Recent developments in the construction of charged black rings" (25+5)
- Jorge C. Rodríguez: "Interaction of static electrons with zero energy $Z^0$ bosons from Hawking radiation just outside the event horizon of a Schwarzschild black-hole" (25+5)
- João Rosa: "Superradiant instabilities for massive scalar fields around boosted  Kerr black strings" (25+5)
- Marco Sampaio: "Collisions of shock waves in D-dimensions" (55+5)
- Carlos Sopuerta: "Testing alternative theories of gravity with EMRIs" (25+5)
- Ulrich Sperhake: "Impact of structure on grazing collisions of black holes" (25+5)
- Mengjie Wang: "Hawking radiation for a Proca field" (25+5)
- Helvi Witek: "Superradiant instabilities in astrophysical systems" (55+5)
- Miguel Zilhão: "Collisions of charged black holes" (25+5)



Carlos Herdeiro (
Carmen Rebelo (
Marco Sampaio (