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Gr@v is a team of researchers, based at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, working on gravitational physics in the context of astrophysics, cosmology and high energy physics.

RISE StronGrHEP kick off meeting in Paris

The kick off meeting of the RISE network StronGrHEP, took place on May 12th-13th 2016, in the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris. Photo: the coordinates of the five European nodes, C. Herdeiro, E. Barausse, U. Sperhake, V. Cardoso and L. Gualtieri by the statue of the great Urbain Le Verrier.

Gulbenkian Awards 2015 Ceremony

The ceremony for distinguising the recipients of the 2015 Gulbenkian Prizes for Stimulus of Research, took place on March 9th 2016, at the Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon. Pedro Cunha was awarded one of the prizes for his project on "Black Hole Shadows".

Hairy black holes can form dynamically

In 2014, it was found that black hole (BH) solutions in General Relativity exist in stationary equilibrium with (good) matter: hairy BHs. An investigation published in Physical Review Letters shows, in a toy model, that analogous hairy BHs can form dynamically.

Data for Kerr black holes with Proca hair

Here, the numerical data described in the paper "Kerr black holes with Proca hair", arXiv:1603.02687 [gr-qc] [1], is made available for public use.

Mengjie Wang's PhD exam

Gr@v's Ph.D. student Mengjie Wang successfully defended his doctoral thesis with title "Quantum and classical aspects of scalar and vector fields around black holes", on February 29th 2016. Mengjie integrated the MAP-Fis Ph.D. programme and was supported by a grant from the IDPASC doctoral programme. Congratulations Mengjie!

Gr@v research in the IJMPD 2015 highlights

The 2015 paper highlights of the International Journal of Modern Physics D, includes the paper "Asymptotically flat black holes with scalar hair: a review" by Gr@v researchers C. Herdeiro and E. Radu.

Detection of Gravitational waves in Portuguese Media

The annuncement about the detection of gravitational waves got the attention of Portuguese media, with some contributions from our group:

Interview in Jornal 2, 11th February 2016

Interview in Página 2, 15th February 2016

Detection of Gravitational waves

On February 11th 2016, the LIGO collaboration announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves. Our group warmly congratulates LIGO for this extraordinary achievement, which opens up access to a new layer of the physical reality!

Quantum Mechanics Book

A new textbook on "Quantum Mechanics", in portuguese, for undergraduate (typically third year) students, has just been released by the Aveiro University publisher, authored by Gr@v member C. Herdeiro.

The book is complemented by recorded lectures and problem classes, the latter given by Gr@v member João Rosa, which can be found here.

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