Carlos Herdeiro


Carlos Alberto Ruivo Herdeiro got his Licenciatura (4 years first degree) in Física/Matemática Aplicada (Astronomia) in 1996 from the Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto. Got his M.Sc. (Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics) in 1997, from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (UK). Completed his Ph.D. in theoretical Physics in 2001 at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (UK). Got the Agregação (Habilitation) in 2012 at the Universidade de Aveiro.

He was a researcher/assistant Professor/associate Professor at the Physics Departments of the Universities of Stanford (USA, 2001/02), University of Porto (2002/10), University of Aveiro (2010/18), Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon (2018/19). Since 2019 he is Investigador Coordenador de Carreira (Research Full Professor) at the Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Aveiro.

He founded in 2010 and currently coordinates the gravitation group at Aveiro University. His research has focused on strong gravity, cosmology, high energy physics and mathematical physics, topics in which he has published over 210 articles in international journals with refereeing, including 16 in Physical Review Letters (3 as Editors' Suggestion) and an additional over 30 proceedings papers. These works have gathered over 14500 citations, with h=64, Inspire database (over 16000 citations, with h=66, Google Scholar). He has given over 220 scientific presentations/lecture courses worldwide on these topics, mostly invited. He has been the Principal Investigator of 16 research grants including three international networks funded by the European Union (Marie Curie actions: IRSES - FP7; RISE - Horizon 2020; SE - Horizon Europe). Has been the (co-)advisor of 22 Ph.D. students and mentor of 21 post-doctoral/junior researchers and been member of 36 evaluation panels for funding agencies/universities in 16 countries.

Has lectured/coordinated over 16 curricular university lecture courses in Aveiro University, Porto University and IST-Lisbon. He (single) authored 1 university textbook on Quantum Mechanics. He has given over 115 outreach talks, mostly in high school and frequently appears as a science communicator in the TV, radio and written press, often collaborating with the Portuguese Physics Society, of which he was the president of the north section (2007-10). He is a founder of the Portuguese Society for Relativity and Gravitation, of which he has been president (2018-19), vice-president (2016-17 and 2020-21), presidente of the General Assembley (2022-23). He currently serves a second term as vice-president.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 he has been ranked amongst the top 2% cientists worldwide, both for his career and the previous year, published by Elsevier and led by J. Ioannidis (Stanford). He was awarded the "2022 University of Aveiro Researcher" prize. In 2021 he was given the Outstanding Referee award by the American Physical Society and Elected member of the board of directors of the European Physics Letters Association (2021-23). Since 2022 he is an associate editor for European Physical Journal C. In 2020 his work was cited by the Nobel Committee, in the Scientific Background document of Nobel Physics Prize. In 2014, 2015 and 2022, he got three honorary mentions in the Gravity Research Foundation international essay competition and in 2004 he was awarded the Prémio de Estímulo à Investigação, from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.


Full Name: Carlos A. R. Herdeiro

Position: Faculty - Research Full Professor / Investigador Coordenador de Carreira (Sep 2019 - ...) - Mathematics Department, Aveiro University

- Porto University, 1996, "Licenciatura" (B.Sc.) in Physics/Applied Mathematics; 
- Cambridge University, 1997, M.Sc., Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics;
- Cambridge University, 2001, Ph.D. - Gravitational and High Energy Physics;
- Aveiro University, 2012, "Agregação" (Habilitation) in Physics.

Office: 11.3.38 - Departamento de Matemática - UA

Phone: 234372547

Email: herdeiro (at)


Previous Positions:
- Stanford University, Physics Department, 2001-2002, Post-doctoral Researcher
- Porto University, Physics Department, 2002-2006, Post-doctoral Researcher
- Porto University, Physics Department, 2006-2008, Assistant Professor (Invited)
- Porto University, Physics Department, 2008-2010. Assistant Researcher (Ciência 2007)
- Aveiro University, Physics Department, 2010-2013, Assistant Professor (Invited)
- Aveiro University, Physics Department, 2014-2018, Assistant Professor (Tenured) and FCT Principal Researcher
- Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon University, Physics Department, 2018-2019, Associate Professor





- Quantum Mechanics I and II (2003/2004-2007/2008) - Coordinator, Porto University
- Quantum Mechanics (2013/14-2017/18) - Coordinator, Aveiro University
- General Relativity (2006/2007 -2009/2010) - Coordinator, Porto University
- General Relativity (2016/17) - Coordinator, Aveiro University
- Classical Mechanics (2010/2011-2012/2013) - Coordinator, Aveiro University
- Mechanics and Electromagnetic Field (2010/2011-2013/2014) - Coordinator, Aveiro University; Course content: video recorded lectures and notes (in Portuguese).
- Complements of Mechanics and Electromagnetism (2013/14) - Coordinator, Aveiro University
- Physics Elements (2010/11 - 2012/13) - Aveiro University
- Black Holes (2014,2015,2017) - MAP-Fis Ph.D. Programme
- Topics of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology (2018/19) - IST, Lisbon University
- Waves and Mechanics (2018/19) - Coordinator, IST, Lisbon University
- Differential Geometry (2020/21) - Coordinator, Aveiro University


My Quantum Mechanics Book and support material


Ph.D. Students

1) Maria Carmen Amaral Rebelo (co-advisor; advisor: M. Costa, U. Porto)
Thesis: "Physical Aspects of Stationary Black Hole Binaries", Porto University, 2010
2) Miguel Rodrigues Zilhão Nogueira (advisor; co-advisor: V. Cardoso, IST-Lisbon)
Thesis: "New Frontiers in Numerical Relativity", Porto/Aveiro University, 201
3) Luis Filipe Pinho Oliveira e Costa (advisor; co-advisor: J. S. Lemos, IST-Lisbon)
Thesis: "General Relativity in the framework of exact gravito-electromagnetic analogies", Porto University, 2012
4) Flávio de Sousa Coelho
Thesis: "Radiation from a D-dimensional collision of gravitational shock waves", Aveiro University, 2015
5) Mengjie Wang (advisor; co-advisor: M. Sampaio, U. Aveiro)
Thesis: "Quantum and classical aspects of scalar and vector fields around black holes", Aveiro University, 2016
6) Carolina Loureiro Benone (co-advisor; advisor: Luis Carlos Crispino, U.F.Pará, Brazil)
Thesis: "Scalar fields in black holes spacetimes and analogues", UFP, 2017
7) Helgi Rúnarsson (advisor; co-advisors: Eugen Radu, U. Aveiro, Juan C. Degollado, UNAM, Mexico)
Thesis: "Kerr black holes with scalar and Proca hair", U. Aveiro, 2017
8) Pedro Vieira Pinto da Cunha (co-advisor; advisor: Vitor Cardoso, IST-Lisbon)
Thesis: "Shadows and gravitational lensing of Black Holes interacting with fundamental fields", IST-Lisbon, 2019
9) João Miguel Oliveira (advisor: co-advisor: Filipe Mena, U. Minho)
Thesis: "Aspects of Einstein-Maxwell-scalar models: solitons, duality and scalarisation", U. Aveiro, 2020
10) Rodrigo Luís Lourenço Vicente (co-advisor; advisor: Vitor Cardoso, IST-Lisbon)
Thesis: "The gravity of classical fields: and its effect on the dynamics of gravitational systems", IST-Lisbon, 2021
11) Jorge Filipe Mónico Delgado (advisor; co-advisor: Eugen Radu, U. Aveiro)
Thesis: "Spinning Black holes with scalar hair and horizonless compact objects within and beyond General Relativity", U. Aveiro, 2022
12) Alexandre Mira Pombo (advisor; co-advisor: Eugen Radu, U. Aveiro)
Thesis: "Black holes and solitonic objects with bosonic fields", U. Aveiro, 2022

- Nuno André Moreira Santos (advisor; co-advisors: Eugen Radu, U. Aveiro; N. Sanchis-Gual, IST-Lisbon)
- Ivo Sengo (advisor: co-advisor: Pedro V. Cunha, U. Aveiro)
- Jianzhi Yang (advisor: co-advisor: Pedro V. Cunha, U. Aveiro)
- João Pedro de Araújo Novo (advisor: co-advisor: Pedro V. Cunha, U. Aveiro)
- Zeus Sales Moreira (advisor: co-advisor: L. Crispino, U. Federal do Pará, Brazil)
- Etevaldo Costa Filho (advisor: co-advisor: Eugen Radu, U. Aveiro)
- Marco Ivan Novais Ribeiro Silva Brito (co-advisor: advisor: Miguel Zilhão, U. Aveiro; co-advisor: Nicolas Sanchis-Gual, U. Valencia)
- José Ferreira (co-advisor: advisor: Miguel Zilhão, U. Aveiro; co-advisor: Raimon Luna, U. Valencia)
- Chen Liang (co-advisor: Eugen Radu, U. Aveiro)
- Rodrigo Bernardo (co-advisor: advisor: Marco Santos, U. Aveiro; co-advisor: Delfim Torres, U. Aveiro)


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