Carlos Herdeiro - Research

Some of my research interests are:

o Black hole physics

o General relativity, numerical relativity and gravitational radiation

o Supergravity, string theories and the gauge/gravity duality

o Differential geometry

o Casimir effect and quantum field theory

o Cosmology and inflationary models

Some distinctions/awards:

- For the essay "How fast can a black hole rotate", with Eugen Radu, we got an honorable mention in the 2015 Gravity Research Foundation essay competition.

- For work with Eugen Radu on Kerr black holes with scalar hair, we got an honorable mention in the 2014 Gravity Research Foundation essay competition.

- For work on inflationary models in string theory (in collaboration with K. Dasgupta, S. Hirano and R. Kallosh), I was awarded a Gulbenkian Prize in 2004.

- Eng. António Almeida award for high achieving university students, U. Porto, 1996.

- Rotary Club award for high achieving highschool students, V. N. Gaia, 1991.

Some distinctions/awards of my (former) students:

- My former Ph.D. student Miguel Zilhão was awarded the 2017 Alberto Prize of the Portuguese Societey of Relativity and Gravitation (SPRG) for his contributions to Numerical Relativity.

- My M.Sc./Ph.D. student Pedro Cunha, was awarded a Gulbenkian Prize in 2015 for our work on black hole shadows.

- In 2013 my Ph.D. student Mengjie Wang (co-supervised by M. Sampaio) received a "Chinese Government Award for outstanding self-financed students abroad".

- My Ph.D. student Flávio S. Coelho, was awarded a Gulbenkian Prize in 2012 for our work on n-DBI gravity and shock wave collisions.

Publications and bibliometry:

I have co-authored over 230 publications, including:

a) over 180 papers in major international journals with refereeing. Some selected publications (last ten years) are:

- Multi-field, multi-frequency bosonic stars and a stabilization mechanism
N. Sanchis-Gual, F. Di Giovanni, C. Herdeiro, E. Radu, J. A. Font,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129 (2021) 241105, arXiv:2103.12136 [gr-qc]

- GW190521 as a merger of Proca stars: A potential 8.7x1013 eV vector Boson
J. Calderón Bustillo, N. Sanchis-Gual, A. Torres-Forné, J. A. Font, A. Vajpeyi, R. Smith, C. Herdeiro, E. Radu, S. H. W. Leong,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126 (2021) 081101, arXiv:2009.15376 [gr-qc]

- Spin induced scalarized black holes
C. Herdeiro, E. Radu, H. O. Silva, T. P. Sotiriou, N. Yunes
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126 (2021) 011103, arXiv:2009.03904 [gr-qc]

- Stationary black holes and light rings
Pedro V. P. Cunha, Carlos A. R. Herdeiro,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124 (2020) 181101, arXiv:2003.06445 [gr-qc]

- Non-linear dynamics of spinning bosonic stars: formation and stability
N. Sanchis-Gual, F. Di Giovanni, M. Zilhão, C. Herdeiro, P. Cerdá-Durán, J. A. Font, E. Radu,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123 (2019) 22101, arXiv:1907.12565 [gr-qc]

- Spontaneously scalarized Kerr black holes in extended scalar-tensor-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
Pedro V. P. Cunha, Carlos A. R. Herdeiro, Eugen Radu,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123 (2019) 011101, arXiv:1904.09997 [gr-qc]

- Spontaneous scalarisation of charged black holes
Carlos A. R. Herdeiro, Eugen Radu, Nicholas Sanchis-Gual, Jose A. Font,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 (2018) 101102, arXiv:1806.05190 [gr-qc]

- Kerr black holes with synchronised hair: An analytic model and dynamical formation
Carlos A. R. Herdeiro and Eugen Radu
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119 (2017) 261101, arXiv:1706.06597 [gr-qc]

- Light ring stability for ultra-compact objects
P. V. Cunha, E. Berti and C. Herdeiro
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119 (2017) 251102, arXiv:1708.04211 [gr-qc]

- Static Einstein-Maxwell black holes with no spatial isometries in AdS space
C. Herdeiro and E. Radu
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 (2016) 221102, arXiv:1606.02302 [gr-qc]

- Kerr black holes with Proca hair
C. Herdeiro, E. Radu, H. Rúnarsson
Class. Quant. Grav. 33 (2016) 154001, arXiv:1603.02687 [gr-qc]

- Explosion and final state of an unstable Reissner-Nordstrom black hole,
N. Sanchis-Gual, J. C. Degollado, P. J. Montero, J. A. Font, C. Herdeiro
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (2016) 141101, arXiv:1512.05358 [qr-qc]

- Shadows of Kerr black holes with scalar hair,
P. V. Cunha, C. Herdeiro, E. Radu, H. Rúnarsson
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015) 211102, arXiv:1509.00021 [gr-qc]

- Construction and physical properties of Kerr black holes with scalar hair,
C. Herdeiro and E. Radu,
Class.  Quant.  Grav. 32 (2015) 14,  144001, arXiv:1501.04319 [gr-qc]

- Kerr black holes with scalar hair,
C. A. R. Herdeiro and E. Radu,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014) 221101, arXiv:1403.2757 [gr-qc]

-Rapid growth of superradiant instabilities for charged black holes in a cavity,
C. A. R. Herdeiro, J. C. Degollado and H. F. Rúnarsson,
Phys. Rev. D 88 (2013) 063003, arXiv:1305.5513 [gr-qc]

- Radiation from a D-dimensional collision of shock waves: a remarkably simple fit formula,
F. S. Coelho, C. Herdeiro and M. O. P. Sampaio,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012) 181102, arXiv:1203.5355 [hep-th]


b) six review papers:

- Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: a roadmap,
L. Barack et al.,
arXiv:1806:05195 [gr-qc]

- Shadows and strong gravitational lensing: a brief review,
Pedro V. P. Cunha, Carlos A. R. Herdeiro
General Relativity and Gravitation 50 (2018) 42 (Editor's Choice), arXiv:1801:00860 [gr-qc]

- Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics: recent developments,
E. Berti, V. Cardoso, L. C. Crispino, L. Gualtieri, C. Herdeiro, U. Sperhake,
Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 25 (2016) 09, 1641022, arXiv:1603.06156 [gr-qc]

- Testing General Relativity with Present and Future Astrophysical Observations,
E. Berti et al.,
Class.  Quant.  Grav.  32 (2015) 243001 (Topical Review), arXiv:1501.07274 [gr-qc]

- Asymptotically flat black holes with scalar hair: a review,
C. A. R. Herdeiro and E. Radu,
Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 24 (2015) 09, 1542014, arXiv:1504.08209 [gr-qc]

- Exploring New Physics Frontiers Through Numerical Relativity,
V. Cardoso, L. Gualtieri, C. Herdeiro and U. Sperhake,
Living Rev. Relativity 18 (2015) 1, arXiv:1409.0014 [gr-qc]

c) one white paper as editor (which was a Focus paper in Classical and Quantum Gravity):

- NR/HEP: roadmap for the future,
V. Cardoso et al.,
Class. Quant. Grav. 29 (2012) 244001, arXiv:1201.5118 [hep-th]


d) four books of proceedings as editor:

- Special Issue - Selected Papers of III Amazonian Symposium on Physics, Belém, Brazil 28 September - 2 October 2015
Editors: Carlos A. R. Herdeiro, Emanuele Berti, Vitor Cardoso, Luis Carlos Crispino, Leonardo Gualtieri and Ulrich Sperhake
International Journal of Modern Physics D, Special issue, 25 (2016) N. 09, ISSN: 0218-2718

- VII Black Holes Workshop, Aveiro, Portugal 18 - 19 December 2014
Editors: Carlos A. R. Herdeiro, Vitor Cardoso, Jose P. S. Lemos and Filipe C. Mena
International Journal of Modern Physics D, Special issue, 24 (2015) N. 09, ISSN 1793-6594

- Spring School on Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics, Lisbon, Portugal 11 - 14 March 2013
Editors: Vitor Cardoso, Leonardo Gualtieri, Carlos Herdeiro and Ulrich Sperhake
International Journal of Modern Physics A, Special issue, 28 (2013) N. 22n23, ISSN 0217-751X

- XIX International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Porto, Portugal 6 - 9 September 2010
Editors: Carlos Herdeiro and Roger Picken
AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1360, ISBN 978-0-7354-0918-7, ISSN 0094-243X


e) over 35 papers in international conference proceedings,

Online lists of my publications: 
- Google Scholar;
- Research Gate;
- Web of Knowledge;
- ResearcherID;
- NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

I have presented over 180 research seminars worldwide (over 30 countries), including many invited departamental and conference seminars.

Here are some invited/plenary talks in national/international meetings (with on-line info when available):

- Dynamics in Strong Gravity Universe, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kyoto, Japan, 5 September 2018)
- MG15, La Sapienza (Rome, Italy, 5 Jul 2018)
- Gravity@Malta 2018, University of Malta (Valetta, Malta, 24 Jan 2018)
- JGRG 27 Workshop, Higashi-Hiroshima Arts and Cultural Hall (Hiroshima, Japan, 1 Dec 2017)
- TIM17 Physics Conference, U. West Timisoara (Timisoara, Romania, 26 May 2017)
- StronGBaD Workshop, U. Mississippi (Oxford, Mississippi, USA, 2 March 2017)
- 5th UTQuest Workshop, "Hidden sector physics and cosmophysics" (YITP, U. Kyoto, Japan, 12 December 2016)
- Plenary talk, Fisica 2016, Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Física (Braga, Portugal, 9 September 2016)
- 2nd Workshop on Quantum Aspects of Black Holes and its Recent Developments, Yerevan (Yerevan, Armenia, 25 August 2016)
- Two lectures course at 16th International Baikal Summer School on HEP and Astrophysics (Bol'shie Koty, Lake Baikal, Russia, 9-10 July 2016)
- Five lectures course at Escuela de Gravitación 2016, U. Concepción (Concepción, Chile, 4-8 January 2016)

- Modern Aspects of Gravity and Cosmology, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique d'Orsay (Paris, France, 22 November 2015)
- Gravitation and scalar fields (Observatoire de Paris, Meudon, France, 6 October 2015)
- III Amazonian symposium on Physics and V NRHEP network meeting (UFPA, Belém, Brazil, 29 September 2015)
- One hundred years of Strong Gravity, IST (Lisbon, Portugal, 11 June 2015)
- Black Holes and their analogues: 100 years of General Relativity (Ubu, Anchieta, Espírito Santo, Brazil, 16 April 2015)
- II Physics Meeting in Amazonia (Belém Brazil, 27 November 2014)
- Fourth Minho Meeting on Mathematical Physics (Braga, Portugal, 24 October 2014)
- U. Cambridge, "New Frontiers in Dynamical Gravity" (Cambridge, U.K., 24 March 2014)
- Spanish Relativity Meeting 2013 (Benasque, Spain, 11 September 2013)
- 3rd Modern Trends in Field Theory, U. Porto (Porto, Portugal, 21 October 2010)
- 3rd Iberian Mathematical Meeting, U. Minho (Braga, Portugal, 1 October 2010)
- XVIIIth International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics (Benasque, Spain, 6-11 September 2009)
- Mathematical Relativity in Lisbon
(Lisbon, Portugal, 18-19 June 2009)
- Mira Fernandes and His Age (Lisbon, Portugal, 17 June 2009)
- 5th (1st Iberian) Workshop on Gravitational Aspects of Strings and Branes (Gijón, Spain, 3-5 February 2009)
- Spanish Relativity Meeting, U. Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain, 16 September 2008)


Some other research talks (with on-line info when available):

- Seminar at Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM (Mexico City, 26 April 2018)
- Seminar at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia, 23 April 2018)
- Colloquium at Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM (Cuernavaca, Mexico, 18 April 2018); Video from Facebook
- Conference Talk at FunFiCO meeting at UNAM (Cuernavaca, Mexico, 16 April 2018)
- Seminar at Mons University (Mons, Belgium, 21 March 2018)
- Seminar at Kindai University (Osaka, Japan, 4 December 2017)
- Seminar at the Albert Einstein Institute - Max Planck for gravitational physics (Golm, Potsdam, Germany, 6 November 2017)
- Seminar, Université Libre Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium, 24 October 2017)
- Seminar, CENTRA, IST, U. Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal, 4 May 2017)
- Seminar, Department of Physics, University of Pavia (Pavia, Italy, 3 May 2017)
- Colloquium, Physics and Astronomy Department, U. Mississippi (Oxford, Mississippi, USA, 3 March 2017)
- Seminar, Depart. Física, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal, 24 February 2017)
- Seminar, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, U. Valencia (Valencia, Spain, 2 February 2017)
- RTG Colloquium, ZARM, U. Bremen (Bremen, Germany, 10 January 2017)
- IX Black Holes Workshop, U. Minho (Guimarães, Portugal, 20 December 2016)
- Seminar, Physics Department, Fudan University (Shanghai, China, 15 November 2016)
- New Frontiers in Black Hole Astrophysics (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 15 September 2016)
- Mini course on Theoretical and Observational Cosmology, at "8ª Escola de Astrofísica e Gravitação do IST", for undergraduates (Lisbon, Portugal, 1-6 September 2016)

- Seminar, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK, 28 July 2016)
- Seminar, Sketlov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia, 14 July 2016)
- Seminar, JINR, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia, 7 July 2016)
- Seminar, ESTEC, European Space Agency (Noordwijk, Holland, 29 April 2016)
- Seminar, Department of Fundamental Physics, University of Barcelona, (Barcelona, Spain, 22 April 2016)
- Seminar, School of Mathematics, University of Nottingham (Nottingham, U.K., 13 April 2016)
- Essential cosmology for the next generation, Playa del Carmen (Cancun, Mexico, 15 January 2016)
- VIII Black Holes workshop, IST (Lisbon, Portugal, 22 December 2015)
- GR 100 years in Lisbon, IST (Lisbon, Portugal, 18 December 2015)
- Colloquium, Mathematics Centre, University of Minho (Braga, Portugal, 2 December 2015)

- Astrophysics lunch seminar, JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder, Colorado, USA, 23 October 2015)
- Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, BS1 Session (Rome, Italy, 17 July 2015)
- Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, BH4 Session (Rome, Italy, 14 July 2015)
- Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, Lund University (Lund, Sweden, 15 May 2015)
- Physics Department Seminar, Universidade Federal do Pará (Belém, Brazil, 20 April 2015)
- Colóquio, Instituto de Física de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo (São Carlos, Brazil, 10 April 2015)
- "Café com Física", Departamento de Física, U. Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal, 11 March 2015)
- PI Strong Gravity Seminar, Perimeter Institute (Waterloo, Canada, 5 March 2015), Audio and Video from PIRSA here.
- Colloquium, Universidad Guadalajara (Guadalajara, México, 3 March 2015)
- Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity seminar, Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana, USA, 25 February 2015)
- IA (Instituto de Astrofísica) - U. Porto, (Porto, Portugal, 11 February 2015)
- VII Black Holes Workshop, U. Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal, 18 December 2014)
- Gr@v Journal Club, U. Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal, 12 December 2014)
- Universidade de Brasília (Brasília, Brazil, 21 November 2014)
- CENTRA seminar, IST (Lisbon, Portugal, 6 November 2014)
- Ibn Tofail Université (Kenitra, Morocco, 31 October 2014)
- NEB 16 - Recent developments in Gravity, GR@GR (Mykonos, Greece, 19 September 2014)
- Mini course on Theoretical and Observational Cosmology, at "7ª Escola de Astrofísica e Gravitação do IST", for undergraduates (Lisbon, Portugal, 5-10 September 2014)
- CBPF, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Física (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 13 August 2014)
- Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 12 August 2014)
- III Amazonian workshop on black holes and analogue models of gravity (Belém do Pará, Brazil, 4-7 August 2014)
- U. Minho, Centro de Física do Minho seminar (Braga, Portugal, 6 June 2014)
- 99 years of Black Holes, COST action conference (Potsdam, Germany, 21 May 2014)
- Lecture course on Shock wave collisions in D dimensions, Istanbul Centre for Mathematical Sciences (IMBM), Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey, 4 April 2014)
- U. Texas at Dallas Maths Colloquium (Dallas, USA, 21 January 2014)
- VI Black Holes Workshop, U. Minho (Braga, Portugal, 20 December 2013)
- Physics Colloquium, Physics Department, IST (Lisbon, Portugal, 2 October 2013)
- Granada University, High Energy Theory Group (Granada, Spain, 18 June 2013)
- Oldenburg University, Physics Department (Oldenburg, Germany, 22 April 2013)
- Seminar at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) (Kyoto, Japan, 17 January 2013)
- V Black Holes Workshop, IST - Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal, 18 December 2012) 
- Seminars (I and II) at the Institute of theoretical physics, Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic, 13 November 2012) 
- Mini course on Theoretical and Observationail Cosmology, at "6ª Escola de Astrofísica e Gravitação do IST", for undergraduates (Lisbon, Portugal, 4-8 September 2012)
- Amazonia Workshop on Black Holes and Analogue models of gravity (Belém do Pará, Brazil, 7-9 August 2012)
- Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3 August 2012)
- Observatório Nacional do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2 August 2012)
- XIII Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden, 2 July 2012)
- CFTC Seminar (Lisbon, Portugal, 29 May 2012)
- CERN Theory Seminar (CERN, Switzerland, 20 April 2011)
- Durham University Math HEP Lunchtime Seminars (Durham, UK, 4 February 2011)
- Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (Dublin, Ireland, 2 February 2011)
- III Black Holes workshop, U. Minho (Braga, Portugal, 20 December 2010)
- GR19 (Mexico City, Mexico, 9 July 2010)
- II Black Holes workshop, IST-Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal, 21 December 2009)
- Centro de Física do Porto Seminar, U. Porto (Porto, Portugal, 9 June 2010)
- XII Marcel Grossmann Meeting, UNESCO (Paris, France, 13 July 2009)
- Universitá degli studi di Milano Seminar (Milano, Italy, 14 May 2009) 
- IST Strings Seminars (Lisbon, Portugal, 29 March 2009)
- DAMTP Seminar, Cambridge U. (Cambridge, UK, 24 April 2009)
- CECS Seminar (Valdivia, Chile, 13 January 2009)
- I Black Holes Workshop, U. Porto (Porto, Portugal, 23 December 2008)
- Seminar at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/CSIC (Madrid, Spain, 2 December 2008)
- CENTRA seminar, IST-Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal, 16 October 2008)
- DAMTP seminar, U. Cambridge (Cambridge, UK, 6 June 2008)
- Seventh Alexandre Friedmann Meeting, U.F.Paraíba (João Pessoa, Brazil, 30 June 2008)
- GR18, Sydney (Sydney, Australia, 12 July 2007)
- VI Northwest superstring Meeting, Universidad del Pais Vasco (Bilbao, Spain, 28 January 2007)
- Physics Department seminar, Helsinqui U. (Helsinqui, Finland, 2 November 2006)
- Niels Bohr Institute seminar (Copenhagen, Denmark, 28 September 2006)
- XI Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 25 and 27 July 2006)
- IPM String School and Workshop (Tehran, Iran, 15 April 2006)
- V Northwest superstring Meeting, Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain, 28 February 2006)
- Gravitation and Cosmology Meeting, Complexo Interdisciplinar da Universidade de Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal, 27 June 2005)
- IGFAE seminar, U. Santiago de Compostela (Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 12 April 2005)
- Neve Shalom seminar (Neve Shalom, Israel, 29 March 2005)
- I International Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology, Santa Clara (Santa Clara, Cuba, 3 June 2004)