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5 years of SPRG

On February 19th 2015, motivated by the centennial of General Relativity celebrated in 2015 and the considerable growth of the scientific community in Portugal studying relativistic gravity, the Portuguese Society of Relativity and Gravitation (SPRG) was formally installed. The photo shows the founding members (from left to right) C. Herdeiro, V. Cardoso, J. Natário and J. Lemos present during the installment of the society at a notary in Lisbon.

Outreach talk at Colégio de Lamas

Gr@v member C. Herdeiro had the pleasure to discuss some mysteries of the Cosmos, in particular the Big Bang and black holes, with an audience of young, thirsty minds at Colégio de Lamas. Many thanks to all the Colégio de Lamas staff and in particular Professora Maria de Luz Costa for making this possible.

Aichen Li

Full Aichenname: Ai-chen Li
Beijing University of Technology, B.S. in engineering, 2015
Beijing University of Technology, M.S.

FCT funded post-doctoral positions

The Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) launched the third edition of the "Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus". The call will open from January 30th to February 26th 2020. This call funds post-doctoral positions at various seniority levels. Our group is open to support good candidates in Strong Gravity, Astrophysics and High Energy Physics. For further information contact the group coordinator C. Herdeiro (herdeiro@ua.pt).

Pedro's farewell lunch

Gr@v members had a lunch get together to bid Pedro Cunha farewell. Starting next week, Pedro will join the Max Planck institute for gravitational physics (Albert Einstein Institute) in Germany, as a research fellow. And one of the best "Arroz de Tamboril" in the country will make sure Portugal and Aveiro will be missed! See you very soon Pedro!

Optical Geometry and Constructive Gravity

Marcus Werner (IPMU, Japan)
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Gravitational lensing provides an important probe of the background geometry.
In this talk, I discuss light propagation on non-Lorentzian backgrounds which
arise in two different contexts. Firstly, we consider optical geometry, which
is a formalism in 3-space for light propagation in Lorentzian spacetimes: