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Synchronized stationary clouds in a static fluid, Carolina L. Benone, Luís C. B. Crispino, Carlos A. R. Herdeiro, Maurício Richartz; Phys. Lett. B 786 (2018) 442-447, arXiv:1809.03952 [gr-qc].

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Who coined the name "black hole"?

Conventional wisdom says the influential physicist John A. Wheeler coined the term black hole in 1968. But a deeper analysis reveals a much richer story, that starts centuries ago in a British India prision. This fascinating story features in the July 2018 edition of "Gazeta de Física", the newsletter of the Portuguese Physics Society, authored by C. Herdeiro and José S. Lemos (in Portuguese).

Alexandre Correia becomes Associate Professor at Coimbra U.

From September 2018 onwards, Alexandre Correia, one of Gr@v's founding members, became an Associate Professor at the Physics Department of Coimbra University. Gr@v warmly congratulates Alexandre on this well deserved promotion. The photo shows a farewell dinner organised in July 2018 with collegues from Aveiro University.

Tjarda Boekholt wins CIDMA Young Doctor Award

The CIDMA Young Doctor Award is a prize for a researcher within 5 years after the PhD, who has made important contributions to his or her research field. The 2018 award is granted to Gr@v member Tjarda Boekholt for his recent achievements in the field of dynamical chaos in astronomical systems. During the annual meeting of CIDMA 2018, Tjarda presented his new numerical N-body code and the ability to obtain reversible solutions to highly chaotic systems.