Gulbenkian Foundation distinguishes Flávio Coelho

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has awarded one of the 2012 prizes for stimulating research to Gr@v Ph.D. student Flávio Coelho, distinguishing his work on alternative theories of gravity and trans-Planckian scattering physics. Congratulations Flávio!

Flávio Coelho did his undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Porto, his M.Sc. in Cambridge University (Part III of the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos) and he is pursuing his Ph.D. studies at the University of Aveiro, under the supervision of Carlos Herdeiro.

His doctoral studies have considered various topics within relativistic gravity, including i) collisions of shock waves to address trans-Planckian physics, which led to unveiling a remarkable pattern published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters (in collaboration with C. Herdeiro and M. Sampaio); ii) alternative models of gravity, in particular a model dubbed n-DBI gravity [1]-[2], of which he has studied dynamical aspects (in collaboration with C. Herdeiro, S. Hirano and Y. Sato). 

The prize awarded to Flávio Coelho is also a recognition by Gulbenkian of the work developed by the relativistic gravity group at the University of Aveiro, a group which in the last two years became a national reference in this research topic.

UA online text about this prize.