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A no-go theorem for exotic alternatives to black holes as LIGO/Virgo sources

Five of the ground-breaking gravitational wave detections by the LIGO/Virgo collaboration have been interpreted as black hole collisions forming a more massive black hole. It is hard to demonstrate conclusively that these objects are indeed black holes, and there is a lively debate on the intriguing possibility that other, more exotic alternatives could explain the observations. In an article to appear in Physical Review Letters, Gr@v members P.

Carolina Benone's PhD exam

Carolina Benone successfully defended her PhD thesis "Scalar fields in black hole spacetimes and analogues". The exam took place in U. Federal do Pará, in Belém, Brazil, on July 14th 2017. The thesis was supervised by Luis Crispino (UFPa) and Gr@v member C. Herdeiro. Congratulations Carolina!

TeV-scale gravity at the LHC, and the way forward in an era lacking significant excesses

Elena Villhauer (U. C. Irvine ATLAS, CERN)
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Abstract: The hierarchy problem and the irreconcilability of quantum mechanics and general relativity are two of the most frustrating problems that the Standard Model fails to solve. The existence of extra dimensions, however, would provide the much awaited solutions. If extra dimensions exist and push the Planck scale down to the TeV range, signatures of extra dimensions could be found at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. Results of TeV-scale gravity searches with the ATLAS and CMS detectors at 13 TeV are summarized, and outlook is provided on the best way forward in the absence of discoveries.