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No-Go theorems for ekpyrosis from ten-dimensional supergravity

Kunihito Uzawa, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
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room 32.3.30 CICFANO
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Abstract: In this talk, we present whether the new ekpyrotic scenario
can be embedded into ten-dimensional supergravity. We use that the
scalar potential obtained from flux compactifications of type II
supergravity with sources has a universal scaling with respect to the

XI Black Holes Workshop

The XI Black Holes Workshop will take place at IST-Lisbon on 17-18 December 2018. The Black Holes Workshops gather researchers working on physical and mathematical problems of black holes, both in its classical and quantum aspects, as well as their connections to general relativity and gravitation, string theory, cosmology, and astrophysics, and stimulate the interaction between all these issues.