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Ema Valente is now a Master

Ema Valente successfully finished her Physics M.Sc. at Aveiro University, on December 20th 2017, by defending a thesis with title "A simple model of exotic compact objects: interaction with a scalar field". This thesis was supervised by Gr@v researcher C. Herdeiro and examined by Prof. Luis Crispino, from the U. Federal do Pará, Brazil. Well done Ema!

New SPRG officers

The fourth general assembley of the Portuguese Relativity and Gravitation Society (SPRG) ellected the following new officers: C. Herdeiro (president), J. Natário (vice-president), V. Cardoso (Treasurer), J. Lemos (General Assembley President), F. Mena (First Secretary), J. Costa (Second secretary). These officers appear in the above photograph presenting the 2017 Alberto Prize to M. Zilhão. The remaining officer is J. Rocha ("Fiscal Único").

Scientists discuss black holes in Aveiro

The X Black Holes workshop took place at Aveiro University on 18-19 December 2017. It gathered almost 100 scientists discussing black holes from many different perspectives. Besides 63 oral communications, the workshop also included the fourth General Assembley of the Portuguese Relativity and Gravitation Society (SPRG) and a special session celebrating the 60th anniversary of Prof. J. S. Lemos.