2017 Call for SR&TD Project Grants

Gr@v attained a high success rate in the FCT 2017 Call for "Scientific Research and Technological development project grants" with three funded grants out of the 49 funded grants nationwide within the Physics Evaluation Panel, corresponding to 6% of this funding. The Gr@v members leading the three funded projects are 1) Alexandre Correia (PI); 2) Carlos Herdeiro and Eugen Radu (PI/co-PI); 3) Marco Sampaio and António Morais (PI/co-PI).

Tjarda Boekholt wins CIDMA Young Doctor Award

The CIDMA Young Doctor Award is a prize for a researcher within 5 years after the PhD, who has made important contributions to his or her research field. The 2018 award is granted to Gr@v member Tjarda Boekholt for his recent achievements in the field of dynamical chaos in astronomical systems. During the annual meeting of CIDMA 2018, Tjarda presented his new numerical N-body code and the ability to obtain reversible solutions to highly chaotic systems.