Miguel Zilhão joins Gr@v

Miguel Zilhão joins Gr@v from January 1st 2022 under a two-years research position. Miguel is an expert on strong gravity, in particular in numerical relativity, a technique he has applied in multiple contexts, ranging from astrophysics to AdS/CFT. He was a former Ph.D. student in Porto University and Gr@v (graduated in 2012) and since then has been a researcher at Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), University of Barcelona (Spain) and IST-Lisbon. Welcome Miguel!

Two research grants in Strong Gravity/HEP for M.Sc. holders

A call for two 10 months research grants in Strong Gravity/High Energy Physics, for M.Sc. holders enrolled in a doctoral programme at Aveiro University, within the research grant “Testing the Kerr hypothesis with gravitational waves and lensing", PTDC/FIS-AST/3041/2020, is open from 1 to 20 December 2021.  See attached document for details (in Portuguese) or the Euraxess announcement (in Portuguese and English) here.