Miguel Zilhão

Position: Long term research fellow - CEEC Assistant researcher (6 years, 2023-29)
(previously) Researcher (hired by research grant PTDC/FIS-AST/3041/2020)


Previous positions:
- 2017-2021, Research Scientist Investigator FCT, CENTRA, IST-Lisbon, Portugal
- 2014-2017, Post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, University of Barcelona, Spain
- 2012-2014, Post-doctoral researcher at the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA


- 2012, Ph.D. from MAP-Fis programme, Aveiro and Porto Universities; Graduated September 2012 with thesis "New frontiers in Numerical Relativity".  More info. Supervisors: Carlos Herdeiro (Aveiro University) and Vitor Cardoso (IST - LIsbon). More info.
- 2008, B.Sc. (pre-Bologna), Porto University


Email: mzilhao (at) ua.pt