Miguel Zilhão's Ph.D. exam

On September 14th 2012 Miguel Zilhão had his Ph.D. exam obtaining his doctoral degree. The leading examiners were Prof. Harvey Reall (Cambridge) and Prof. Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute). Congratulations Miguel, and keep on the good work!

Miguel started his Ph.D. in October 2008 under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Herdeiro (Aveiro) and Prof. Vitor Cardoso (IST - Lisbon). The examination juri was composed also by Prof. José Sande Lemos (IST-Lisbon), Prof. Ulrich Sperhake (CSIC-Barcelona/Cambridge) and Prof. Pedro Avelino (Porto), besides the president of the juri - Prof. José Carlos Neves (Aveiro). Miguel will now move to the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, for a post-doctoral position.