Gr@v in the national broadcasting radio station

The radio program Click, of the journalist Catarina Lázaro, broadcasted by the portuguese national radio station, Antena 1, has recently interviewed two Gr@v researchers (Alexandre Correia and Carlos Herdeiro) to learn about some of the research done at the University of Aveiro in the area of gravitational physics. Listen here (AC) and here (CH) to the broadcastings (in portuguese).  

Mega-science infrastructures workshop

The workshop "The power challenges of Mega-Science infrastructures: the example of SKA", co-organized by Domingos Barbosa will take place in Moura, Portugal and Sevilla, Spain on 20th-21st June 2012. This workshop intends to review current R&D trends, industry forecasts for solar energy options and experiences that may respond to the challenges set by Mega Science Infrastructures and in particular by the Square Kilometer Array project.

NRHEP Network First Meeting

The first meeting of the Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics Network took place at Aveiro University, from 9-13 July 2012. This meeting brought together researchers from Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the USA, to discuss the state of the art in relativistic gravity and its application in various contexts, ranging from astrophysics to particle physics, using both anaytical and numerical techniques.

NR/HEP: roadmap for the future

In the summer 2011, an exciting workshop took place in the beautiful island of Madeira, where a small number of top international experts in the fields of numerical relativity (NR) and various aspects of high energy physics (HEP), exchanged viewpoints and expertises in order to create synergies between these two communities. As an outcome of the fruitful round tables and discussions, a white paper was written.