SpheriCo.jl: Spherical Collapse in Julia

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On-site: Room TBD
Thanasis Giannakopoulos (University of Nottingham)
Black hole formation is a physical process extensively
studied in classical gravity, leading to exciting discoveries, such as
the critical phenomena first numerically uncovered by Choptuik. In
semiclassical gravity, when combined with the quantum nature of
matter, black holes give rise to additional intriguing phenomena such
as Hawking radiation. SpheriCo.jl is a public Julia package,
currently under development, that can perform simulations of a
spherically symmetric scalar field in classical and semiclassical
gravity. I will discuss the system of equations the code solves, as
well as the summation-by-part finite difference operators used for the
numerical implementation. Then, I will show some tests that
demonstrate the abilities and shortcomings of the code, and conclude
possible future improvements.