Sergio Gimeno-Soler


Full Name: Sergio Gimeno-Soler

Position: Junior Research Fellow (2023-24)

Ph.D. in Physics, 2022, University of Valencia (Spain)
Master's Degree in Advanced Physics (Astronomy and Astrophysics), 2017,
University of Valencia (Spain)
Bachelor's Degree in Physics, 2015, University of Valencia (Spain)
The primary focus of my research is the study of physical properties and dynamics of matter surrounding astrophysical compact objects (forming the so-called accretion disks). In particular I specialize on the theoretical study of these systems and their dynamics with the aim of: i) test the dynamics of different accretion disk models, which can have quite different dynamical and observational properties, ii) use matter to probe gravity in the strong field regime, very close to the compact object, and iii) test the nature of compact objects by analyzing the influence that they have on the surrounding matter configuration. Currently, there exist several exotic, but theoretically well-motivated, alternatives to the canonical Kerr black hole, which could be at least part of the compact object population in the universe. In addition, some of these alternatives entail ultralight bosonic fields (scalar and vectorial), which may also be a component of dark matter.