Challenging the cosmic censorship in Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory with numerically simulated gedankenexperiments

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Fabrizio Corelli (Sapienza University of Rome)

According to the Penrose's cosmic censorship conjecture, curvature singularities in General Relativity are always hidden by an horizon. This implies that the charge-to-mass ratio of a spherically symmetric charged black hole in Einstein-Maxwell theory cannot be larger than one.

In this talk I will show the results of extensive numerical simulations at fully-nonlinear level of the spherical collapse of (charged) wavepackets onto a charged black hole. The aim of the simulations is to study the possibility of forming naked singularities in Einstein-Maxwell theory and in Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory with quadratic coupling. In both cases no violations of the cosmic censorship conjecture occur, although in Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory overcharged scalarized black hole solutions can exist.

I will discuss the crucial role played by superradiance in preventing the black hole from reaching extremality, and the dynamical formation of a Reissner-Nordström black hole from a scalarized one. In particular I will show how this "descalarization" process can be induced either by superradiance or by absorption of an opposite-charged wavepacket.


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