Boson stars and their instabilities

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Nils Siemonsen (Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics)

Particle physics models of dark matter, and extensions to the Standard Model, predict the existence of a large abundance of light scalar degrees of freedom in the universe. From a diffuse cloud, these can form into rotating clumps of energy - boson stars. Additionally, due to their high compactness, close to that of black holes, and numerically favorable properties, these solutions serve as excellent test beds for the non-linear dynamics of a large class of ultra-compact objects. While kept stable against gravitational collapse via the uncertainty principle, these stars can exhibit various instabilities. Specifically, we discuss the non-linear evolution of a non-axisymmetric and the ergoregion instabilities within these stars. We identify dynamically stable and unstable regimes of the boson star parameter space, locate suitable candidates to test the black hole paradigm, and characterize possible gravitational wave signatures from stars undergoing these instabilities.


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