Slow-roll inflation and the swampland

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Maths. Dept. Room Sousa Pinto
Kunihito Uzawa (Kwansei Gakuin U., Japan)

In this talk, we show how the swampland conjecture, which has
recently been attracting attention in string theory and gravity
theory, relates to the slow-roll condition of inflation. First, we
will briefly explain the reason why we focus on the swampland
conjecture to investigate the dynamics of inflation. Next, we discuss
the behavior of the scalar field describing the evolution of the
inflationary scenario from the viewpoint of the swampland conjecture.
Finally, we present the implications of energy conditions on
cosmological compactification solutions of the higher-dimensional
Einstein field equations, and show the relation between the slow-roll
condition in the inflationary scenario and the swampland criterion.