Outstanding Presentation Award - Gold Prize - for João Oliveira

Gr@v and MAP-PDMA Ph.D. student João Oliveira was awareded an "Outstanding Presentation Award - Gold Prize" for his scientific presentation at the 29th workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation, in Japan, at the University of Kobe.

More than 200 researchers participated in this conference, of which 66 were selected to deliver oral presentations. Of these, 56 were nominated for the outstanding presentation award, but only 4 were awarded this distinction, including João Oliveira.

João Oliveira, who is supervised by C. Herdeiro and F. Mena (from IST-Lisbon) participated in the conference, together with other two Gr@v Ph.D. students, Alexandre Pombo and Jorge Delgado, within a one month visit to Kindai University, in Osaka, hosted by Prof. Akihiro Ishibashi. This visit is funded by the EU under a Marie Curie RISE project on Strong Gravity and High Energy Physics.

The presentation title was "About the inexistence of solitons in Einstein-Maxwell-Axion models" where several theorems about the existence of solitonic solutions in these models are discussed, together with the existence of a new solitonic solution. This work has been presented in three research articles: [1], [2], [3].
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