Quasinormal modes of neutron stars in R^2 gravity

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Maths. Dept. Room 11.3.21
Jose Blázquez-Salcedo (Oldenburg U., Germany)
In this talk we will discuss the quasinormal modes of neutron stars in modified theories of gravity, in particular, in R^2 gravity. In this model, in addition to the space-time and fluid degrees of freedom that are present in General Relativity, we naturally find a (massive) scalar field. The resulting neutron stars are surrounded by a non-trivial scalar field, affecting several of their astrophysical properties. We will show that the spectrum of resonances of the ringdown phase of the gravitational waves emitted by these objects is richer than in General Relativity. We will discuss the influence of the scalar field in this spectrum, and the possibility of observational signatures in the gravitational wave ringdown.