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100 years of light bending

On May 29th 1919 Eddington and Cottingham measured the position of stars near the sun during a total eclipse observed at the island of Príncipe, off the west African coast. Their results, together with the ones of another expedition undertaken by Crommelin and Davidson to Sobral (Brazil), were announced on November 6th 1919 and confirmed the General Theory of Relativity. This openned a new era in our understanding of gravity, space, time and matter... and made Einstein world famous.

Visit to University of Concepcion in Chile

Gr@v member Tjarda Boekholt recently travelled to the University of Concepcion in Chile. He was invited by the Theory and Starformation Group (TSG), which is led by a team of professors including Mike Fellhauer, Dominik Schleicher, Amelia Stutz and Stefano Bovino. In the first week Tjarda lectured students on the Astrophysical Multi-purpose Software Environment (AMUSE). In particular, they discussed the coupling between N-body and hydrodynamics.

Tjarda Boekholt wins CIDMA Young Doctor Award

The CIDMA Young Doctor Award is a prize for a researcher within 5 years after the PhD, who has made important contributions to his or her research field. The 2018 award is granted to Gr@v member Tjarda Boekholt for his recent achievements in the field of dynamical chaos in astronomical systems. During the annual meeting of CIDMA 2018, Tjarda presented his new numerical N-body code and the ability to obtain reversible solutions to highly chaotic systems.