How to reach us

Ver mapa maior Our group is located in the Physics department of Aveiro University. The location of the Physics building within the Campus is indicated in the map above with the letter B. The blue line indicates the directions fom the train station (zoom out). For a detailed plan of the Campus click here (the Physics building is number 13).


From other cities in Portugal:

Aveiro is very well connected to other cities. By train, there are regular urban, regional and fast services to and from the areas of: Porto (~35min-1h), Braga/Guimarães (~1h30-2h30), Coimbra (~25min-1h) and Lisbon (~2h00-2h30). There are also several express coach services from many cities  around the country (click here for example).

From the train station:

Once in Aveiro, the Campus can be reached on foot in 25-30 min. There are also city buses (numbers 5, 6 and 7; number 6 stops inside the campus) which depart regularly from the train station, where you can also find taxis.

From abroad:

If travelling from abroad, the closest airport is Porto and the next to nearest is Lisbon. Both are well connected by train. If travelling from Porto it is easiest to take the metro line to Campanhã train station from the airport (line E), and then take a train from Campanhã to Aveiro. From Lisbon aiport you must take a taxi or a bus to the Oriente train station and then a train to Aveiro. At Oriente you can also find several express coach services to several points of the country.


Often our visitors stay at Hotel das Salinas. Another alternative where our visitors have stayed is Hotel as Américas.

Contact Address:

Physics Department Aveiro University,
Campus de Santiago,
3810-183 Aveiro, Portugal

Telephone: +351 234378102


Some photos of the Aveiro University Campus (click on the photos to enlarge):

The campus is located in the bottom left developed area, by Aveiro's "Ria", a set of sea arms stretching inland.





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