Speakers and Program

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TimeMonday, 19thTuesday, 20th
J. F. Mendes1; A. L. Ferreira2
 Session Chair:  J. S. LemosSession Chair:  V. Cardoso
9:30V. CardosoSperhake
 Session Chair:  G. CardosoSession Chair: C. Herdeiro
 Session Chair:  F. MenaSession Chair:  L. Gualtieri
14:30LemosG. Cardoso
16:10Coffee Coffee
 Session Chair: U. SperhakeSession Chair: F. Moura

1 Vice-rector for research of Aveiro University
2 Director of the Physics Department of Aveiro University
3 The dinner will take place at Restaurante Centenário. See Menu & Location.

  1. Artur Alho - Towards the Einstein-scalar field system with postive cosmological constant in spherical symmetry
  2. Gabriel Lopes Cardoso - Nernst branes in gauged supergravity
  3. Vitor Cardoso - Energy extraction from rotating black holes
  4. Terence Delsate - Anti-de-Sitter black holes and branes in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity: perturbations, stability and hydrodynamic modes
  5. Antonino Flachi - Chiral phase transitions around black holes
  6. Remo Garattini - Modified dispersion relations: from black-hole entropy to the cosmological constant
  7. Alfonso Garcia-Parrado - A five dimensional Newman-Penrose and Geroch-Held-Penrose formalism
  8. Cristiano Germani - Physics of Trans-Planckian Gravity
  9. João Gomes - Quantum entropy of supersymmetric black holes
  10. Leonardo Gualtieri - Gravitational wave sources in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity
  11. José Sande Lemos - Regular black holes
  12. Filipe Mena - Radiating gravitational collapse to black holes in 5 dimensions
  13. Filipe Moura - Perturbations and scattering of string-corrected black holes
  14. Andrea Nerozzi - A dimensional reduction approach to the Teukolsky equation in higher dimensions
  15. Paolo Pani - Astrophysical signatures of theories beyond general relativity
  16. Da Wei Pang - Holographic DC conductivities form the open string metric
  17. Eugen Radu - Stable black holes with non-abelian hair
  18. Jorge Rocha - Inverse scattering construction of dipole black rings
  19. João Rosa - Massive vector fields on the Schwarzschild space-time: quasi-normal modes and bound states
  20. Diego Rubiera-Garcia - Palatini f(R) and f(R,Q) black holes with electromagnetic charge
  21. Marco Sampaio - Gravitational radiation from shock wave collisions in higher dimensions
  22. Ulrich Sperhake - Suppresion of superkicks in supermassive BBH inspiral
  23. Yaser Tavakoli - Black hole singularities in Loop Quantum Gravity
  24. Vicenzo Vitagliano - Dynamical cosmological blakc holes with varying couplings and their apparent horizons
  25. Helvi Witek - Collisions of black holes inhigher dimensional space-times
  26. O. B. Zaslavskii - Acceleration of particles by black hole horizons: kinematic properties and near-horizon geometry
  27. Miguel Zilhão - Black hole dynamics in non-asymptotically flat space-times