Phenomenology of Composite Higgs Models with a fermionic UV completion

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On-site: Room 11.2.21
Werner Porod (Würzburg University)

Composite Higgs Models are still viable extensions of the Standard  Model. I will first review the basic idea of this class of models. They explain the fact that the   mass of the Higgs boson is of the order of the electroweak scale by the hypothesis that it is a pseudo Nambu  Goldstone boson. I will then discuss generic aspects of Composite   Higgs Models with a  fermionic UV completion. We will see that  realistic models contain additional  pseudo Nambu Goldstone bosons, some of which are   also charged with respect to SU(3) color.
These models also predict spin 1/2 resonances, of which some have   unusual color and/or charge assignments. Moreover, I will discuss to  which extent existing LHC data constrain such models. This will be  done first in an as much as possible model independent way using existing recast  tools. In second step I will focus on a particular model to demonstrate how the bounds change due   to the combination of different model sectors.