Koay Yong Sheng


Full name: Koay Yong Sheng

Position: Student Research Fellow

Degrees: BSc in Physics at University of Malaya, 2018; MSc in Physics (Specialization in Theoretical Particle Physics) at University of Bonn, 2020

Research area: Particle Physics; Machine Learning

Office: 13.3.28, Physics Department, Aveiro University

Email: jkysheng95@gmail.com

Research Interests:
My research interests are in the broad area of particle theory and phenomenology in Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics and the application of machine learning methods in physics. I am interested in studying various extensions of the Standard Model (SM) as solutions to different unsolved problems such as B-anomalies, the hierarchy problem, the nature of dark matter, etc. I am also interested in applying machine learning methods in particle theory research, such as parameter space sampling and model building.