Planetary dynamics and solar activity: truth and/or consequences?

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GAP room
João Fernandes (Coimbra U.)

Abstract: Since long time ago that it is been argued about a possible connection between the planets orbital motions in the solar system and the cycles of the activity of the Sun. These discussions have been based, often, on presumed correlations between the position of the planets and the occurrence of the solar maximum/minimum, but with no real physical explanation. However, very recently, Abreu et al. (2012) proposed that the planets dynamics can have an influence in the solar tachocline (a thin layer separating the solar radiative and convective regions) and, by consequence, in the activity of the Sun. Following that, several articles have been published with pro and con arguments (cf. Cameron & Schüssler 2013) . Thus, the subject is becoming particularly interesting. This talk will give a review of the current status of the discussion. 

João Fernandes (Coimbra U.)

Slides; Online seminar