Research position in Particle Physics

A call for an Initial Level Doctorate Researcher in Particle Physics at our group is opened. Deadline: 12th of November 2020.


The main activities to develop are:

1) Beyond the Standard Model studies. The candidate is expected to perform phenomenological studies in theories with new scalars, new gauge bosons as well as vector-like fermions. The tools to develop are based in deep learning algorithms and computing vision, with the key goal of producing significance studies for the potential discovery of new physics in collision experiments such as the LHC, ILC and FCC.

2) Analysis of effective potentials both at zero and finite temperature in order to study phase transitions and the production of primordial gravitational waves. The focus will be in the same models as in 1). This work involves the development of tools based in deep learning, computational vision and genetic algorithms with the purpose of performing sophisticated studies capable of predicting the signal-to-noise ratio for the gravitational waves spectrum in detectors such as LISA.

These research activities are part of the HIGGS-PHENO-UNI project, From Higgs Phenomenology to the Unification of the Fundamental Interactions, with reference PTDC/FIS-PAR/31000/2017 and supported by national funds (MCTES) and by the Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT i.p., in its State Budget component (OE).

The full public notice, reference CDL-CTTRI-90-ARH/2020, with detailed application instructions can be found here.