Post-doctoral grant

A call for applications for a post-doctoral research grant (BPD) is open from 28 November to 12 December 2014

The grant will be attributed within the research project "Numerical Relativity and Phenomenology for the LHC", PTDC/FIS/116625/2010, funded by FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC) and co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER) through COMPETE.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in the area of Relativistic Gravity, and experience/relevant CV in black hole physics (exact solutions, perturbative aspects, gravitational radiation, numerical relativity, black holes in string theory or alternative theories of gravity).

The work will be carried out at the Physics department of Aveiro University, within the relativistic gravity/HEP group at Gr@v (, which is coordinated by Professor Carlos Herdeiro and composed by seven researchers with a Ph.D. and various graduate students. This group has close connections to other groups in Portugal, as well as abroad, and currently coordinates an international network in Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics.

The grant will be for a period of seven and a half months, starting in the second half of December 2014.

The successful candidate will be paid €1495/month, cf. the FCT value for these grants (

Applicants will be evaluated by their CV, work proposal, one recommendation letter and an interview. The CV+work proposal (letters/interview) will be given a relative weight of 70% (30%) in the evaluation.

 The juri will be composed by: Carlos Herdeiro, Alexandre Correia and Eugen Radu (Physics Department, Aveiro University).

The results will be announced by email to the candidates after December 12th 2014, as well as posted in the Physics Department, Aveiro University.

Candidates should formalise their application by sending:
- Cover letter;
- Curriculum Vitae with publications;
- Copy of Ph.D. certificate;
- One recommendation letter;
- Copy of ID card;
by electronic mail to Prof. Carlos Herdeiro (, with Cc to, with subject "Application to a post-doctoral grant within the project PTDC/FIS/116625/2010."

Eracareers announcement (in portuguese)