DOPPLER Partnership

DOPPLER (DevelOpment of PaloP knowLEdge in Radioastronomy), coordinated by Dr. Valério Ribeiro of Gr@v (University of Aveiro), is a recently funded FCT and the Aga Khan Development Network project. The partnership includes various Portuguese and Mozambican institutions, namely the Telecommunications Institute (Aveiro), the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP), the University of Coimbra (UC), the University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM, Mozambique) and the Non-Governamental Organisation Osuwela (Mozambique). The partnership has also support from National Portuguese ICT Cluster, TICE.PT.

DOPPLER aims to promote a sustainable development agenda through human capacity development and scientific excellence. DOPPLER in collaboration with ENGAGE SKA, the project spearheading Portuguese participation on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project and a National Roadmap for Infrastructure and Research, will address areas of strategic relevance in the areas of Earth Observations, Big data and Radio astronomy. DOPPLER furthermore, includes initiatives for mutual capacity building in particular through capacity building around areas of biodiversity, food security and land management.

DOPPLERs work plan include, pedagogical workshops, promote synergies with industry, promote Mozambique-Portugal mobility, scientific and technological demonstrations in schools, universities and industries. These activities promote the implementation of the European and African Union's recommendation on radio astronomy as a technological and scientific tool for cooperation. This partnership will establish strong collaborations, between the Portuguese and Mozambican teams, in preparation for the largest radio telescope in the world, the SKA, when concluded towards the second half of 2020.

Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN):


Is a project of the Portuguese Research Infrastructure Roadmap which mplements an action plan coupling frontier research and technological development in close collaboration with the Portuguese industry, promoting the participation of Portugal in the Square Kilometre Array, the largest radio telescope of the XXI century, to be installed in Southern Africa and Australia. This platform will stimulate technological development by bringing together advanced training and ICT, Renewable Energy and Space innovation, including the testing of prototypes on national soil.