Gravitational waves from head on collisions of Proca stars

In a recent paper "Head on collisions of Proca Stars", [arXiv:1806.07779], by N. Sanchis-Gual et al., head-on collisions of exotic compact objects known as "Proca stars" were studied via fully non linear numerical simulations, with the goal of extracting the gravitational wave templates that such exotic objects could produce.

Proca Stars were discovered in "Proca stars: Gravitating Bose-Einstein condensates of massive spin 1 particles" [arXiv:1508.05395] by Brito et. al..

This webpage exhibits visualisations of the numerical simulations presented in the paper "Head on collisions of Proca Stars", corresponding to the models PS0 PS0; PS1 PS1; PS2 PS2 and PS3 PS3. More information can be found in the paper.