Workshop in honour of Yves Brihaye

A two days workshop "Exact solutions in classical field theory: Solitons, black holes and bosons stars", that will take place on 2-3 June will honour the work of Yves Brihaye, former head of the Research Unit of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics and currently Professor Emeritus in the Unit Physics of the Univers,  Fields and Gravitation. As long time collaborators, E. Radu and C. Herdeiro are two of the invited speakers of the workshop.

Alexandre Pombo's Ph.D. exam

Alexandre Pombo successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, entitled "Black holes and solitonic objects with bosonic fields" on April 8 2022. The Ph.D. committee included Arnaldo Martins (President, UA), Daniela Doneva (Tubingen), Yves Brihaye (Mons), Carolina Benone (UFPA), Pedro Avelino (IA, UP) and Carlos Herdeiro (UA, advisor). The thesis was co-advised by Eugen Radu. Congratulations Alexandre!