Artificial intelligence to accelerate the screening of patients with COVID-19

Felipe Freitas, postdoc at Gr@v is contributing to the fight against COVID-19 using artificial intelligence tecniques.


In the fight against COVID-19, the global epidemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, anticipation is essential.  As part of an international group of researchers and medical doctors, the team integrating Felipe Freitas developed a method that uses Artificial Intelligence and computer vision techniques to assist in the early detection of pathologies associated with COVID-19 on patient radiographs. This system, developed with open source code, available to the scientific and medical community, was developed from a previous study in a hospital in Brighton (United Kingdom), adapted to the new coronavirus with the collaboration of the Instituto San Foundation hospital José, in Madrid.
The image shows an X-ray image of a patient with COVID-19. Overlapping, the areas with the highest activation of Neural Networks.
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