Aichen Li

Full Aichenname: Ai-chen Li
Beijing University of Technology, B.S. in engineering, 2015
Beijing University of Technology, M.S. in Theoretical Physics, 2018
I am very interested in the quantum and semi-classical effects of gravity, including the non-perturbative aspects of black holes and quantum cosmology. Specifically, my research mainly include (i)AdS/QCD, holographic condensed matter and black hole (especially focus on the holographic effects of black hole with scalar hair) (ii)explore some non-perturbative solutions of gauge field like solitons, monopoles, Instanton in curved spacetime.(iii)The formation of primordial black hole and wormhole from the domain walls. And the physical effects that primordial black holes act as the nucleation seeds for inducing the decay of metastable vacuum. (iv)Multi-field inflation and brane inflation.