Lorenzo Annulli

Lorenzo AnnulliFull name: Lorenzo Annulli
Position: Postdoctoral researcher (FCT funded)



- Ph.D. in Physics, 2021, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon 

- Master's Degree in Theoretical Physics (Laurea Magistrale), 2016,
Sapienza, University of Rome

- Bachelor's Degree in Physics (Laurea), 2013, Sapienza, University of Rome


My research activity spans over various aspects of gravity, with particular attention on black holes and on the fundamental questions that can be addressed through such astrophysical bodies. Primarily, I am concerned with testing General Relativity and alternative theories in the strong gravity regime, that is when the gravitational interactions dominate with respect to the other known fundamental forces. Furthermore, I am also interested in understanding the nature and properties of dark matter. Since this unknown form of matter interacts only gravitationally with the environment, considering the motion of massive black holes in dark matter surroundings can be an interesting and rewarding scenario. Ultralight scalar fields and axions are between the candidates that I have been investigating the most. All of the above share the same goal: trying to understand how gravity works in high curvature regimes.