Supersymmetric SU(5) Grand Unification Phenomenology at the LHC and Beyond

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GAP room
António Morais (Glasgow U.)

Abstract: I will discuss models of supersymmetric grand unification based on the gauge group SU(5). We consider models with non-universal gaugino masses and confront them with low energy constraints, including the Higgs boson mass and the Dark Matter relic density. I will also discuss fine-tuning and show the effect of not including the mu-parameter into fine tuning determinations. With this relaxation, I find viable scenarios with low fine tuning and study some model choices for gaugino mass ratios. I demonstrate that some orbifold inspired models may provide low fine-tuning and the preferred relic abundance of Dark Matter while evading all experimental constraints. Finally, I will present benchmarks that should be explored at the LHC and future colliders. 


Slides; Online seminar