Da Huang

Da HuangFull Name: Da Huang

Position: Level 1 Researcher

- Nanjing University: B.Sc. in Physics, 2007
- Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Ph.D.
in Theoretical Particle Physics, 2012


Previous positions:
- National Tsing Hua University, Department of Physics, 2012-2016, Postdoc Research Fellow;
- University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, 2016-2019, Assistant Professor;
- Aveiro University, Physics Department, 2019 -, Level 1 Researcher;


I am interested in particle physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) and its connection to cosmology. In particular, I focus on the dark matter (DM) phenomenology, including DM indirect detections, direct searches, and model buildings. For DM indirect detections, I proposed and carefully studied a multiple leptonically decaying DM scenario to explain the surprising positron excesses observed by PAMELA, Fermi-LAT and AMS-02. In the area of DM direct searches, I explored the possibility to reconcile the CDMS-Si anomalous signals with the negative results obtained by other experiments. Especially, by utilizing the state-of-the-art statistical techniques, I considered several combinations of three popular mechanisms such as isospin violation, exothermal scatterings and light mediator effect, and found that it was difficult to reduce the tension in this framework. Moreover, I built several DM models trying to connect DM physics with other puzzles in the SM, such as the small scale structure problem, the Electroweak baryogenesis and the origin of neutrino masses.