The Boson Star Factory: past, present and future

Gr@v is organizing a 3-day workshop on numerical methods to construct axially symmetric, stationary spacetimes, comparing different approaches and codes. The event will take place on May 22-24, 2023, with the first day having a fixed scientific programme and the other two days left for unscheduled interaction amongst the participants.




The numerical construction of non-spherical, equilibrium spacetimes, as solutions to General Relativity or generalizations thereof, has become a topic of increased interest in the last decades. This approach allows addressing solutions in models where analytic closed form solutions are not available, which are the rule (rather than the exception) in generic strong gravity models.

Different numerical approaches and codes are now in use by the community and it becomes of interest to make detailed comparisons of the performance between the different approaches and codes.

This workshop aims at performing such comparison, using the well known model of spinning bosonic stars as a testing ground, but with an outlook to generic models and solutions.


Scientific programme (May 22, 2023):

11.2.6 - Sala Sousa Pinto - DMat - U. Aveiro

9.15: Carlos Herdeiro – Opening remarks
9.30: Eugen Radu – “Axially symmetric Boson Stars: a historical overview and challenges”

10.00: Jorge Delgado - "Finite difference methods and FIDISOL"
10.30: Víctor Jaramillo - "Spectral methods and KADATH"
11.00-11.30: Coffee Break
11.30: Romain Gervalle - "Finite Element Methods and FreeFem++"
12.00: Raimon Luna - "Machine learning techniques"
12.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30: Etevaldo Costa Filho - "Finite difference methods and FIDISOL"
15.00: Víctor Jaramillo - "Spectral methods and KADATH"
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00: Romain Gervalle - "Finite Element Methods and FreeFem++"
16.30: Raimon Luna - "Machine learning techniques"


Each presentation is divided into two parts:
- a theory part in the morning;
- a hands on part in the afternoon.



Marco Brito
Marco de Cesare
Jorge Delgado
Etevaldo Costa Filho
Romain Gervalle
Sergio Gimeno
Carlos Herdeiro
Víctor Jaramillo
Haroldo Lima Jr
João Novo
Eugen Radu
Guilherme Raposo
Nuno Santos
Zeus Sales
Ivo Sengo
Sergio Xavier
Miguel Zilhão


Organizing Committee:

C. Herdeiro
E. Radu
J. Delgado


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