Gr@v members contribute frequently to outreach initiatives in order to bring scientific knowledge and developments to the global community. Such initiatives include:


- Summer Academy, for high school students, organised by the Physics Department of Aveiro University;

- Master Class in Particle Physics, for high school students, an international initiative in which Aveiro University participated for the first time in the 2011 edition;

- "Odisseia pela Física"; physics colloquia directed to university students (not necessarily of physics), as well as high school teachers and students. The first edition took place in 2010/11;

- Science Popularisation activities developed by the Fábrica Ciência Viva centre in Aveiro;

- Seminars given in local high-schools to increase public awarness of science and in particular physics;



- A great promotional video for the LISA space-based gravitational wave observatory

- A TEDx talk by Carlos Herdeiro on gravitational radiation (in Portuguese).

- Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan (with Portuguese subtitles) - a scientific poem:

- Fun to Imagine (and related videos), by Richard Feynman - a genius at work! In particular this one on Magnetism, is a pearl.

- Take the world from a different point of view, with Richard Feynman: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

- A TEDx talk with Michelle Feynman (Feynman's daughter) and the producer of the BBC shows on Feynman, with some interesting highlights of these shows.

- Albert Einstein (History Channel) - a personal and scientific biography of Albert Einstein, with a fascinating and detailed description of the various eclipse expeditions to prove his General Theory of Relativity.

- A unique color video footage on Albert Einstein:


- Rare footage on the 1927 Solvay Physics Conference:


Please contact any of us (emails provided in the People subpage) if you would like to suggest us outreach activities with our participation.

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