Seminars 2017

Spring 2017

8 February
Natacha Leite (DESY, U. Hamburg)
Chiral Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

9 February
Taishi Ikeda (Nagoya U.)
Critical behavior of a domain wall collapse

15 March
Joseph Conlon (Oxford U.)
Searching for Axions and Dark Matter from Active Galactic Nuclei

5 April
Nuno Peixinho (Coimbra U.)
From Planet-X to Planet Nine

26 April
Seth Hopper (CENTRA - IST)
Scattering and plunging trajectories in Schwarzschild spacetime

10 May
Gustavo Castelo Branco (CFTP - IST)
Vector-like Quarks at the Origin of Light Quark Masses and Mixing

17 May
Igor Ivanov (CFTP - IST)
Shaping the fermion sector with CP symmetry of order 4

24 May 
Sérgio Sousa (IA - Porto)

29 May (Monday)
Roman Pasechnik (Lund U.)

14 June
Ian Moss (Newcastle U.)
Black holes: the end of the universe?

21 June
Elena Villhauer (U. C. Irvine & ATLAS)


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