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VI Black Holes Workshop - U. Minho

The VI Black Holes Workshop will take place at U. Minho, Braga, from 19-20 December 2013.

Physics Nobel Prize 2013

The Physics Nobel Prize 2013 was awarded to F. Englert and P. Higgs, "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanics that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles". A great day for particle physics! Read here an account by Gr@v researchers.

Thomas Metcalf visits Gr@v

Thomas Metcalf, a graduate student from the University of Edinburgh, is visiting our group from October to December 2013. Thomas is currently working with João Rosa in particle physics and cosmological models of warm inflation.

Paulo Freire's seminar on pulsars

The radio astronomer Paulo Freire, from the Max Planck Institute at Bonn, visited our group on September 23 and presented the latest developments on "Pulsar timing: a unique tool in Astrophysics". Paulo Freire is currently leading an ERC funded project for testing General Relativity and other theories of gravity with pulsars.

ERES 2013 at Benasque

J. C. Degollado and C.Herdeiro enjoying a great hike at the beautiful mountains near Benasque where the Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting 2013 was held. Yet another very enjoyable and scientifically rewarding ERES meeting.

research@ua 2012

The Research Support Office published the 2012 research highlights of Aveiro U., and included two works from Gr@v: a study of the stability of planets in a binary star system by H. Morais and C. Giuppone and a study of the energy radiated in the collision of two ultra-relativistic particles by F. Coelho, C. Herdeiro and M. Sampaio.

GR20 - Warsaw

Group photo of the Gr@v delegation that participated in the 20th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR20), 7-13 July 2013, in Warsaw, Poland, presenting our group's work on Shock wave collisions and n-DBI gravity.

Aveiro University Day

The educational mission of our University is celebrated in the "University Day", during which graduation cerimonies take place. In the latest edition, on June 1st 2013, Gr@v member C. Herdeiro received the Habilitation (Agregação) diploma from the Rector of Aveiro University, Prof. Manuel Assunção. 

The science case for eLISA

On May 24 2013, the eLISA proposal was submitted to European Space Agency's cosmic vision program. This is a space based mission to measure gravitational waves and unveil the Gravitational Universe. Watch an inspiring video illustrating the mission.

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