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III Amazonian workshop on black holes

The III Amazonian workshop on black holes and analogue models of gravity will take place in UFP, Belém do Pará, Brazil, from 4-7 August 2014. This is a satellite workshop of the IRSES Marie Curie action on "Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics", of which the U. Aveiro and UFP are both partners.

99 years of black holes

The COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) action "Black holes in a violent Universe", in which our group participated, closed with an interdisciplinary conference in Potsdam: "99 years of black holes: from Astronomy to quantum gravity", showing the extraordinary transversality of black holes physics.

Honorable Mention in 2014 GRF Essay Competition

The Essay "A new spin on black hole hair", by C. Herdeiro and E. Radu, was selected for an "Honorable Mention" in the Gravity Research Foundation 2014 Awards for Essays on Gravitation. The first prize was awarded to M. Krauss and (Nobel Laureate) F. Wilczek, for the essay "From B-modes to Quantum Gravity and Unification of Forces".

Kerr black holes with scalar hair

"Black holes have no hair" - is a famous `mantra' coined by John Wheeler in 1971, to express that astrophysical black holes should all have very similar physical properties. In a paper to appear in Physical Review Letters, however, Gr@v researchers C. Herdeiro and E. Radu showed that actually astrophysical black holes need not be bald!

Award for Mengjie Wang

Mengjie Wang, Ph.D. student at Gr@v, has received a "Chinese Government Award for outstanding self-financed students abroad", granted by the Ministry of Education of China. Congratulations Mengjie!


The Iberian Cosmology Meeting 2014 took place at Aveiro, from the 28th to the 30th of April 2014. Thank you to all the participants for a stimulating meeting! Next IBERICOS will take place in Madrid, in the Spring of 2015.

"New frontiers in dynamical gravity" workshop

An outstanding workshop took place at the University of Cambridge, with participation of Gr@v members M. Sampaio and C. Herdeiro. The latter presented a talk on "Kerr black holes with scalar hair", based on arXiv:1403.2757 in collaboration with E. Radu.

"Introduction to Numerical Relativity" course

Numerical Relativity is an exciting research tool for studying relativistic gravity in a computer. Post-doctoral researcher and Gr@v member Juan Carlos Degollado will be presenting a course on "Introduction to Numerical Relativity", starting on February 24th 2014. Further details can be found here.

IBERICOS 2014 @ Aveiro

Registration is now open for the IX Iberian Cosmology Meeting, which will take place at Aveiro from the 28th to the 30th April 2014. All participants are encouraged to speak and there is no registration fee. Abstracts must be submitted to by the 5th of April 2014. 

Cosmology on the beach

Our group was at Los Cabos, Mexico, the inspiring venue for the 2014 edition of the Cosmology on the Beach conference, co-organized by the Nobel Laureate George Smoot (having a laugh at the centre).

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