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VII Black Holes Workshop

The VII Black Holes workshop took place at Aveiro University from 18-19 December 2014. With over seventy participants from fifteen countries, and a scientific program with 48 talks, this edition continued the growing participation and interest of the international community in this series of workshops, as well as a state of the art review of this exciting field of research. The next edition will take place at IST-Lisbon in December 2015.

New methods for the detection of the inner structure of close-in exoplanets

 Planets orbiting very close to their host stars have been found, some of them on the verge of tidal disruption. The ellipsoidal shape of these planets can significantly differ from a sphere, which modifies the transit light curves.

Alexandre Correia's Habilitation

Gr@v researcher Alexandre Correia, has just obtained his Habilitation (`Agregação') after presenting a report on `Astronomy and Astrophysics' and a review on his research work with title `Detection and Dynamics of multi-planet systems'. Congratulations Alexandre!

II Physics Meeting in Amazonia

Our group is participating in the organization of the II Physics Meeting in Amazonia, to take place at Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém, Brazil, from 24-28 November 2014. This is a joint meeting of researchers in various topics including gravitational physics and condensed matter. See a beautiful movie about the meeting here.

Interview to Porto Canal

C. Herdeiro was the guest interviewee of Porto Canal's "Mentes que Brilham". Watch and listen to the conversation with interviewer Cláudia Fonseca about black holes and some of the research work made at Gr@v in this area. 

VII Black Holes Workshop

The seventh edition of the Black Holes Workshop will be held at the University of Aveiro in 18-19 December 2014. These workshops gather researchers working on all aspects of black hole physics/mathematics, and stimulate the interaction between them. More information can be found in the VIIBHW webpage.

Living Reviews in Relativity

Living Reviews in Relativity, a most prestigious, invitation only, review journal on the topic of gravitational physics, with an impact factor of 22.333 (2012), is publishing the review article "Exploring new physics frontiers through numerical relativity", authored by V. Cardoso, L. Gualtieri, C. Herdeiro and U. Sperhake.

Permanent position for Juan Carlos Degollado

Juan Carlos Degollado Daza, who has been a post-doctoral research at Gr@v since 2012, working on numerical relativity, has accepted a permanent professor position at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Congratulations Juan Carlos, well done!

III Amazonian workshop on black holes

The III Amazonian workshop on black holes and analogue models of gravity will take place in UFP, Belém do Pará, Brazil, from 4-7 August 2014. This is a satellite workshop of the IRSES Marie Curie action on "Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics", of which the U. Aveiro and UFP are both partners.

99 years of black holes

The COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) action "Black holes in a violent Universe", in which our group participated, closed with an interdisciplinary conference in Potsdam: "99 years of black holes: from Astronomy to quantum gravity", showing the extraordinary transversality of black holes physics.

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