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IV NRHEP meeting in Rome

The IV global meeting of the Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics Marie Curie IRSES action, took place in "Sapienza University", Rome, Italy, from 7-10 July 2015.

Thank you Leonardo Gualtieri, Paolo Pani and Valeria Ferrari for the stimulating meeting and excellent coffee breaks!

Honorable mention in 2015 GRF Essay competition

The Essay "How fast can a black hole rotate?", by C. Herdeiro and E. Radu, was selected for an "Honorable Mention" in the Gravity Research Foundation 2015 Awards for Essays on Gravitation. It is the second consecutive year an essay from our group gets this distinction.

Raul Costa @ CERN this summer

Gr@v master student Raul Costa has been granted a place in the prestigious CERN summer student programme 2015 edition. Raul will be spending two months at CERN in a historical and exciting moment when the first data from the high energy runs of the LHC will start being produced. Watch out for the new particles Raul!

J. Grover joins ESA

Gr@v postdoctoral ​researcher Jai Grover, who has been a member of the group since 2012, has accepted a research fellow position with the European Space Agency. While there h​e will perform research and monitor new developments in fundamental physics that might have implications for present and future ESA missions. Congratulations Jai!

First ranked student of the MAP-Fis Ph.D. program

Helgi Rúnarsson, a graduate student at Gr@v, was the top ranked student in the call for PhD grants of the MAP-Fis joint doctoral program of Minho, Aveiro and Porto Universities. Well done Helgi!

Flávio Coelho's Ph.D. defense

Gr@v Ph.D. student Flávio Coelho successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis with title "Radiadion from a D-dimensional collision of gravitational shock waves" on February 20th 2015. Congratulations Flávio!

Top 1% cited paper

According to Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Knowledge, the Gr@v paper "Kerr black holes with scalar hair" got "enough citations since September/October 2014 to be placed amongst the 1% top cited papers in its academic field."

Testing GR with Astrophysical Observations

A large review paper, "Testing General Relativity with past and future Astrophysical observations", arXiv:1501.07271, has been made public, prepared as a Topical Review for CQG. The review includes contributions from many international experts, including from our group, and was led by Emanuele Berti. Thank you Emanuele for pushing this team effort!

Special issue of IJMPD with 2014 GRF selected essays

A special issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics D (IJMPD, volume 23, number 12, 2014) has been published, with a set of selected essays from the Gravity Research Foundation 2014 essay competition, including a contribution from Gr@v researchers.

Data for Kerr BHs with scalar hair

Here, the numerical data described in the paper "Construction and physical properties of Kerr black holes with scalar hair", arXiv:1501.04319 [gr-qc], is made available for public use.

This paper is an invited contribution to the Focus Issue on "Black holes and fundamental fields" to appear in Classical and Quantum Gravity, Edited by Paolo Pani and Helvi Witek.

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