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Living Reviews in Relativity resumes publication

Living Reviews in Relativity has been one of the most prestigous journals in the field of Gravitation. After interrupting its activity in September 2014, it was recently acquired by Springer and has now resumed publication with the new review articles: "Exploring New Physics Frontiers Through Numerical Relativity" co-authored by our group.

Pedro Cunha's Master Thesis

Pedro Cunha presented his M.Sc thesis on September 21st 2015, on the topic of "Black Hole Shadows". A student at the University of Coimbra, Pedro chose to do his M.Sc. thesis within Gr@v. His impressive work led him to be awarded a 20 (out of 20) for his thesis, the first ever in the Master programme he attended, and to write an original paper on "Shadows of Kerr black holes with scalar hair".

100 years of Strong Gravity, 5 years of Gr@v

On November 25th 1915, Albert Einstein presented to the Prussian Academy of Sciences, in Berlin, a paper with title "Die Feldgleichungen der Gravitation", with the final form of his field equations. This concluded his formulation of the General Theory of Relativity, the relativistic theory of gravity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time and the Universe.

The chaotic rotation of Pluto's small moons explained

The chaotic rotation of Pluto's small moons has been explained by Gr@v researchers as a natural consequence of the gravitational dynamics in Pluto's system (A&A Letter).

Scientific American study on gr-qc papers

For General Relativity's (GR) centennial, Scientific American examined a year’s worth of the GR literature. The study includes all papers (2435) uploaded to the gr-qc arXiv in 2014. Gr@v's paper Kerr black holes with scalar hair appears as the second most cited paper, by other authors, since publication through the middle of 2015.

Proceedings VIIth Black Holes Workhsop

The proceedings of the seventh edition of the Black Holes Workshop (VIIBHW), held at the University of Aveiro in 18-19 December 2014, have now been published as the August 2015 special issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics D (Volume 24, Number 09, August 2015), including 25 contributed articles and a preface by the editors.

At MG14

Gr@v team at the 14th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, in Rome: (from left to right) M. Wang, H. Rúnarsson, J. C. Degollado (former member), E. Radu, C. Herdeiro, M. Sampaio and J. Rosa, where we have presented ten talks on the various group's research lines.

Under Rome's July hot sun, this workshop could be described modifying Edison's quote: "Science can really be 99% perspiration..."

IV NRHEP meeting in Rome

The IV global meeting of the Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics Marie Curie IRSES action, took place in "Sapienza University", Rome, Italy, from 7-10 July 2015.

Thank you Leonardo Gualtieri, Paolo Pani and Valeria Ferrari for the stimulating meeting and excellent coffee breaks!

Honorable mention in 2015 GRF Essay competition

The Essay "How fast can a black hole rotate?", by C. Herdeiro and E. Radu, was selected for an "Honorable Mention" in the Gravity Research Foundation 2015 Awards for Essays on Gravitation. It is the second consecutive year an essay from our group gets this distinction.

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