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CQG+ article on Focus Issue

Read the CQG+ viewpoint article on "Can Astrophysical Black Holes have hair", by Gr@v members C. Herdeiro and E. Radu, on the recently published Classical and Quantum Gravity Focus issue wherein they were guest editors.

StronGBaD at Ole Miss

Gr@v members P. Cunha and C. Herdeiro were amongst the participants of the StronGBaD workshop, at the University of Mississippi, USA.

COST Action "Gravitational Waves, black holes and fundamental physics"

The COST Action 16104 on "Gravitational Waves, black holes and fundamental physics" has been approved within the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020. The action is led by Prof. Vitor Cardoso and our group participated in the network of proposers. C. Herdeiro is a member of the management committee.

Interview to Porto Canal

For the second time C. Herdeiro was the guest interviewee of Porto Canal's "Mentes que Brilham". Watch and listen to the conversation (from minute 18 onwards) (Watch and listen to the first interview) with interviewer Cláudia Fonseca about black holes and some of the research work made at Gr@v in this area.

From Infinitely Large to Infinitely Small

Gr@v member António P. Morais gave a talk at Escola Secundária José Régio in Vila do Conde with title "Do Infinitamente Grande ao Infinitamente Pequeno - uma jornada pelas interações fundamentais na natureza".

The first "Alberto" Prize

The first "Alberto" prize, awarded to a young researcher in the area of General Relativity by the SPRG was presented in the IX Black Holes Workshop to Jorge Rocha, currently at the University of Barcelona. The award is a hologram of an image of Albert Einstein, which was produced by Pedro Pombo and Emanuel Santos, at the U. Aveiro.

5th UTQuest Workshop

Gr@v member Carlos Herdeiro was one of the invited speakers of the 5th UTQuest workshop, with the theme "Hidden Sector Physics and Cosmophysics", that took place at the Yukawa Insitute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

A journey into a black hole

Gr@v's Ph.D. student (in collaboration with IST-Lisbon) Pedro Cunha produced a short movie illustrating a voyage into a black hole, and in particular the lensing effects visualized by an observer undergoing such journey. The journalist Catarina Lázaro (voice) and Gr@v researcher C. Herdeiro (scientific advising) collaborated in the movie, which will have a premiere on December 3rd 2016 at "Observatório Geofísico e Astronómico da Universidade de Coimbra".

Distorted black holes in Physical Review Letters

Can a black hole have a cube-like horizon (with round edges) or any of the other shapes above? The article "Static Einstein-Maxwell black holes with no spatial isometries in AdS space", by Gr@v member C. Herdeiro and E. Radu, published in Physical Review Letters, shows that it can.


ESA ACT black hole visualization page

The European Space Agency (ESA) Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) has created a cool interactive webpage for visualization of the lensing due to a black hole, featuring black holes with scalar hair found by our group. Try it here! (Works better with the Chrome browser)

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