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Black Holes Workshop

22-23 December 2008, CFP - University of Porto, Room -120

What Meeting
When 2008-12-22 10:00 to
2008-12-23 16:00
Where CFP - University of Porto
Contact Name F. Paccetti
Contact Email
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The aim of the meeting is to gather Portuguese researchers and researchers working in Portugal in gravitational physics, both in its classical and quantum aspects as well as in superstrings, cosmology and astrophysics, to stimulate the interaction between them. This year's meeting will have as theme Black Hole Physics.


Monday, December 22
Tuesday, December 23
10h30G.Diascoffee break 
11h00 coffee break


14h00 M.Casals
15h30J.GomesR. Schiappa 
16h00  cofee break  

Organisation Contacts

For further information or details please contact Miguel Costa, Carlos Herdeiro or Filipe Paccetti


Students - at Residência José Novais Barbosa

Others - at Hotel Tuela Porto


Artur Alho (CMAT, Minho)
Barbara T. Ferreira (DAMTP, Cambridge)                                             
Carlos Guedes (Cambridge U.)
Carlos Herdeiro (CFP, Porto)
Carmen Rebelo (CFP, Porto)                                                 
Catarina Bastos (IPFN, Lisboa)
Fábio Rocha (Princeton U.)
Filipe Mena (CMAT, Minho)                                               
Filipe Moura (CMAT, Minho)
Filipe Paccetti (CFP, Porto)
Gonçalo Dias (CENTRA, Lisboa)           
Gonçalo Oliveira (IST)
Helvi Witek (CENTRA, Lisboa)                                               
João Gomes (LPTHE, Paris)            
João Laia (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Jorge E Santos (DAMTP, Cambridge)
José Fonseca (ICG, Portsmouth)
José G Rebelo (IST)                                    
José Maciel Natário (CAMGSD, Lisboa)                                      
Jorge V Rocha (CENTRA, Lisboa)                                   
José Pedro Mimoso (CFTC, Lisboa)                                        
José Sande Lemos (CENTRA, Lisboa)                                        
Luís Filipe Costa (CFP, Porto)
Madalena Lemos (IST)
Marc Casals (CENTRA, Lisboa)                                                    
Marco Sampaio (Cavendish Lab., Cambridge)
Miguel Costa (CFP, Porto)
Miguel Paulos (Cambridge U.)
Miguel Zilhão (CFP, Porto)
Óscar Dias (CFP, Porto)                                              
Pedro Ricarte (IST)
Raquel H Ribeiro (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Ricardo C Vaz (IST)
Ricardo Monteiro (DAMTP, Cambridge)                           
Ricardo Schiappa (CAMGSD, Lisboa)
Robert Thompson (CENTRA, Lisboa)

List of Talks

Bárbara Ferreira - Astrophysical black holes: accretion disc and spin measurement

Carlos Herdeiro - 5d supersymmetric black holes and 4d complex geometries

Carmen Rebelo - Interacting Kerr Black Holes

Filipe Mena - Inhomogeneous Collapse to Toroidal and Higher Genus Black Holes (F. Mena, J. Natário, P. Tod)

Gonçalo Dias - Hamiltonian thermodynamics of black holes

Helvi Witek - Numerical Simulations of Black Hole Binaries

João Gomes - Black Hole entropy and modular forms in N=4 String Theory

Jorge Rocha - Evaporation of Large Black Holes in AdS

Jorge E. Santos - Negative modes and the thermodynamics of Reissner-Nordstrom black holes (R. Monteiro, J. E. Santos)

José Sande Lemos - Mass and angular momentum formulas for stationary rotating quasi-black holes

Jose Pedro Mimoso - Black regions in an anti-Shwarzschild solution (J. P. Mimoso, Francisco S. N. Lobo)

Marc Casals -  Self-force for black-hole inspirals with an extreme mass ratio

Miguel Costa - Saturation in Deep Inelastic Scattering and Critical Gravitational Collapse

Óscar Dias - Black Holes as Lumps of Fluid

Ricardo Monteiro - Thermodynamical instability of rotating black holes (R. Monteiro, M. J. Perry, J. E. Santos)

Ricardo Schiappa - Greybody Factors for d-Dimensional Black Holes

Robert Thompson - DeWitt-Schwinger Renormalization and Vacuum Polarization in d Dimensions